Located on the second peninsula of Halkidiki 'Sithonia' in the south side of her.
This is a small marine paradise
that combines everything.
Just 160 km from Thessaloniki, causing
everyone for an incredible summer escape
offering the person quiet and relaxing
holiday and the opportunity to visit the
surrounding areas
(Sykia, Sarti, Neos Marmaras Toroni)
Kalamitsi is one of the most beautiful,
picturesque seaside villages of Halkidiki.
Known for its unique golden beach and
crystal blue waters. A quiet retreat suitable
for quiet pleasures
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The one and only Kalamitsi in Sithonia, with
the breathtaking beauty to unfold With the
backdrop of the panoramic beach and people
enjoying the sea Kalamitsi arguably one of
the most magical summer destinations

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