Kalamitsi is a picturesque hamlet on the shores of a beautiful bay, with many beaches.

Kalamitsi located on the southeastern side of Sithonia, approximately 8 km from Sykia and 160 km from Thessaloniki.

Kalamitsi is a relaxing place for family holidays or for those who want to spend their time lying on the beach and relaxing in a peaceful environment, but with all the amenities nearby, such as restaurants, rooms, campsites, bungalows and super markets as well as the center for marine diving excursions.

beach Kalamitsi
Nudist Beach
Παραλία Καλαμιτσίου
Ακτή Γυμνηστών
Παραλία κάμπιγκ θάλαττα
Ακτή Κλεφτολίμανο
Thalatta camping, beach
coast Kleftolimano
Diving Center13
2007 officially begins operation of the diving center Dolphin, his love for the sea led Parga Mr. Claus to reconstruct the space inside the Camping Porto Kalamitsi area of ??Halkidiki and taking all necessary certifications under the standards of the European Union the scuba diving to give the community a modern dive center.

The equipment in the center with the latest and most well-known companies such as Oceanic, Mares, Cressi Sub, etc. The compressor Bauer brand is a German and a warehouse and 50,000 liters of air.

The dives are conducted daily at 2 11am and 4pm on Wednesday as every night. All dives are boat which is 7.50 m and has a 200hp engine, is also modified to suit the needs of the clients.

The parties are dive on the northeast side of the peninsula of Sithonia, the depth in these areas changes depending on the bottom, there are places for divers of all levels of the education and skills, such as caves, shipwrecks, etc.

diving center
The fauna and flora of the bottom is very rich in this region we can find different kinds of fish like big black: blackfish, sterile, Pantelides, table, etc, hard and soft corals and gorgonian. All of this creates a really beautiful environment that will fascinate and in combination with other amenities that provide you with the Porto Resort, will make your vacation unforgettable.
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